Steel Fabrication

Paramount Engineering has a good track record and wide experience in painted and galvanized fabrication and maintenance. Our fabrication service includes all types of customized steel fabrication, light & heavy structural fabrication, sheet metal works etc. by using its best high technology machines.

Paramount’s fabrication is carried out according to international standards, production procedures, planning techniques, proper material handling, grade segregation, weld testing, welder certification and maintaining calibrated equipment are some of the functions that Paramount insures doing to the best known practices and norms. We offer our Clients a wide range of diversified high quality products; our present specialist includes constructions and installation in following fields.

  • Civil & Mechanical Constructions

    Paramount undertakes all the Civil Fabrication works that includes Warehouse Construction, Shades, Truss, Piping Racks, Duct works and Fencing works as per Client’s requirements with Paramount proposed designs or with Client’s designs.

  • Oil & Gas Industries

    Fabrication also involves structural works in Oil Rig Platforms and Petroleum Industries such as, Construction of Mud Tanks, Drilling Pipe Racks Etc. and all kinds of customized Fabrication Structural works.

  • Marine Industries

    Fabricating all structural works involves in Marine Industries like Skid Frames, Cylinder Racks, DNV doors and all types of Customized design construction by Clients. Construction of Skid Frames as per Client’s design for Pump’s, Compressors, Detectors etc. as per the requirements.

  • General Fabrication (Custom Steel Works As Per Client Requirement)

    For sheet and steel fabrication PARAMOUNT involves in all kinds of sheet metal works including: Metal shapes, Shades, Trucking, Advertising stands Etc. by providing specialty Welding and Fabrication regarding to the qualified experience in the field. Also includes all structural works as per the customized design from Clients.